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Charola - Olinala

Charola - Olinala

Handmade in wood. Olinala painted tray

Brand : Olinala
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Handmade in wood. Olinala painted tray

Olinala- Handmade

Handmade in wood. Painted tray of Olinala Its detailed application is given by a specialist: Olinalá, Guerrero, paints on wooden pieces such as trunks, boxes, bules, guajes, tecomates. Here we work with the very old technique of scratching or trimming that consists of applying a small layer of maque based on chamate (chia oil), the mixture of two earths (tlapezole) and commercial powder pigments (but in many occasions with cochineal paint). Once the chamate is applied, follow the tlapezole to which they add color, and burnish. Once the paint dries, another layer of color is applied and the motifs, animals, flowers and plants are drawn with the tip of a steel spine or needle; Once this is done, the maque layer that has no design begins to be lifted, with the hard tip of a chicken feather and the color that was covered appears. Following the same process, more colors can be added.

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Dimension (L x W x H) 29.5 x 40 x 2 Centimetros
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